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LETTER: Cameron demonstrates traits important for judge

To the Editor:

We first met Howard Cameron shortly after moving from a suburb of Milwaukee to Hudson.

Howard approached us in church and welcomed us with an easy and friendly manner. He shook our hands firmly and showed us a ready smile. He continued to greet us warmly whenever we encountered him within the community.

As we came to know Howard Cameron over the following months, we discussed his candidacy for judge with a fellow attorney who knows Howard professionally.

He informed us that Howard Cameron is a very good lawyer. He also said he has just the right kind of temperament which would translate into a very deliberate judicial style. This attorney also mentioned something we had already noticed -- an unquestioned personal integrity displayed throughout his numerous volunteer services to the Hudson community.

Howard Cameron is someone in our opinion, who is a solid, cooperative-type individual. He has demonstrated to us a kind of balanced response to problems we've seen him confront, time after time. He has the kind of personality that we have found to be consistent, clear-thinking and unbiased, especially when he has to face difficult and often unpleasant situations.

Howard Cameron has shown us by his actions that as judge, he will be as he has always been -- an intelligent, level-headed and sound-thinker -- fair and free from favoritism.

Pat and Pat Murphy