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LETTER: Gherty is right choice for Branch 4

To the Editor:

On April 1, St. Croix County residents will have the opportunity to vote for a new judge for the newly created Branch 4.

A judge should be experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of law. He should understand both sides of a case so that there is no chance of bias in the courtroom. A judge cannot be a counselor or an advocate for one particular person or group. A judge must understand that he is there to follow the law set by our Constitution and make his decisions based on the law.

Mark Gherty is that person. He has practiced law in St. Croix County his entire career. He is impartial and experienced. He knows the law and he knows what a judge must do.

When I look at the credentials, education and background of the two candidates there is no doubt in my mind that Mark Gherty is the right choice.

Geri Tresselt