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SCC senior reaches out to others

St. Croix Central Senior Crystal Adkins did something special for some area students March 14.

As part of her Girl Scout Gold Star Award project, Adkins held a spring carnival for the SCC High School Cognitively Disabled Students (CDS) class, the SCC Middle School CDS class and the River Falls High School and Middle School CDS classes.

The carnival events included: a fishing/duck pond, a lollipop tree, a cake walk and a bean bag toss. The CDS students also enjoyed karaoke, dancing and animal balloons.

For lunch, Adkins, along with other students and faculty members, served the CDS students a hot dog lunch, or peanut butter hot dog bun sandwiches for those observing the no meat during Lent rule.

The carnival was held in the wrestling room, and lunch was in Sue Frank's family and consumer education room.

Adkins began planning for the carnival back in November when she was required to turn in her application for the Girl Scout Gold Star Award. She decided on the CDS carnival as her project because she planned to go to college to become a CDS teacher.

"I wanted to hopefully get them involved with each other," Adkins said. "I also wanted to help the Middle School kids get to know people, to make their transition to high school easier."

Adkins said she wanted to provide a special day for the cognitively disabled students because they are often not viewed as a part of the regular school population.

"A lot of people don't see them for who they really are," Adkins said. "I really love them."

Adkins was pleased with the results of the carnival and was presented with a wooden angel and star statue, representing her Gold Star Award, by SCC staff members for her efforts.

"The carnival showed a lot of people who they (CDS) are and what they like to do," Adkins said.