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Lost money? Stake a claim on what's rightfully yours

St. Croix County Treasurer Cheryl Slind and State Treasurer Dawn Marie Sass are working together to reunite you with your lost assets.

Unclaimed property consists of financial assets that have had no activity for five years or more. This includes savings accounts, checking accounts, uncashed dividends, stock, customer deposits or overpayments, uncashed paychecks, life insurance policies and much more.

St. Croix County has created a Web site of St. Croix County unclaimed property this is available by viewing at and clicking on "St. Croix County Unclaimed Funds".

There currently are 114 pages of unclaimed property just from the St. Croix County area. This is searchable by using Adobe 7.0 or just scroll down the list as it is in alphabetical order.

If you locate your name on the list, write down the property identification number at the far left and contact the State Treasurer's Office via phone at 1-877-699-9211 or in writing at Wisconsin State Treasurer's Office, 1 South Pickney Street, Suite 550, P.O. Box 7871, Madison, WI 53703.

You can also go to the states website and fill out the necessary paperwork and submit the information requested.

For a statewide search you can go to and click on "Badger Bucks" - enter your name and or identification number to see if you have any unclaimed funds statewide.

So check it out. You may be lucky to have funds or property you never knew you had.