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NR expects 240 kids in kindergarten

Sixty-seven people attended the New Richmond School District kindergarten enrollment meeting April 1 and 78 attended on April 8.

Many people registered their children for kindergarten for the 2008-09 school year at the meetings. Some parents took registration materials with them to register later.

"There were six kindergarten- aged children at the first meeting and five at the second meeting that were not in our computers," said Frank Norton, principal of West Elementary School.

Norton also said the administration is "tracking" 32 other potential kindergarten students who attended the NR4Kids program but have not enrolled for 2008-09 yet.

"That's not unusual," Norton said. "Often if a child is in a pre-K program, parents assume they don't have to register for kindergarten, but they do."

The school is attempting to contact the parents of the 32 students to determine if they will be registering for kindergarten in the fall.

Norton predicts there will be about 240 kindergartners in the New Richmond School system in fall 2008.

"We have 30 more kids registered at this time than we did at the same time last year," Norton said.