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Village of Somerset works on safe route to schools

For new trustees Bartt Palmer and Ron Hill, their first Somerset Village Board meeting was short and sweet.

In just less than one hour on April 15, they discussed project updates, committee appointments and a new post office location.

Rob Jones, of Cedar Corporation, provided an update of Village projects.

The quest for a Village backup generator is awaiting one more quote. Jones said once they make a decision, they will advertise for installation services.

Jones also told the Board they are going to put a second lift of asphalt with new striping on County Road C and Aspen Drive before June.

"We built up to the first lift of asphalt in December with only temporary striping then," Jones explained.

Ryan Sicard, Board member, recommended installing a sidewalk extension on Rivard, not to exceed $33,500.

"We built the River Hills sidewalk, we stopped it to the existing (development)," Sicard said. "For about 650-750 feet of sidewalk, the Safe Routes to School estimate was $33,500."

Bob Crotty, Public Works director, said that the price included removal of some curbs and a sprinkler system.

The Public Works committee also recommended that the Board accept the Instrument Control Systems (ICS) bid of $23,325 for upgrades and new computer equipment. This would replace the current wastewater treatment plant's 8-year-old system.

"It's more intensive that just installing software on an office computer," Sicard said.

Cedar Corp is also working on a feasibility study for expanding the Industrial Park.

Jeff Johnson, Village president, asked if the identified wetlands in the area would be a hindrance.

"Maybe we can make them part of the park?" Johnson suggested.

Jones said they will look at street layout, promotions for the businesses, etc. in the study.

The Village Board received a letter from Gary Maddox, of the post office, that identified their new desired location. The proposed site is on Rivard Street just down from the Remax building.

"The architectural and engineering companies are putting together a comprehensive package and will put it out for a developer," Ryan Grubbs, Somerset developer, said. Grubbs said he may submit a bid for the project since the post office just wants to lease the property and building.

Maddox was not at the meeting and was unavailable for comment.

Johnson also announced the committee appointments for the upcoming year.

Public Safety: Greg Sayers, Ron Hill and Gerald Mullenberg.

Public Works: Ryan Sicard, Bartt Palmer and Bob Campbell.

Finance: Jeff Johnson, Ryan Sicard and Greg Sayers.

Emergency Government: Jeff Johnson, Ryan Sicard, Greg Sayers, Doug Briggs, Bob Crotty, Pam Donohoe and Travis Belisle.

Board of Review: Jeff Johnson, Pam Donohoe, Bob Campbell and Greg Sayers.

Plan Commission: Jeff Johnson, Richard Kohler, James Chandler, Laine Belter, Greg Sayers, Ryan Sicard and Dan Vanasse.

Board of Review: Jeff Johnson, Pam Donohoe, Greg Sayers and Bob Campbell.

Police Board of Review: Mark Dvorak, John Nash, John Watters, Liz Victor and Greg Sayers.

Fire/Rescue: Gerald Mullenberg, Zachary Eichten and Robert Goserund.

Library Board: Kay Walsh, Carol Boerger, Rita Lawson, Becky Linke and Randy Rosburg.

Industrial Committee: Jeff Johnson, Tim Butterfield, Dave Neale, Victor Martinsen, Terry Boblit, Rick Leverty and Robert Crotty.

In other news:

• The Board approved St. Croix County's request to amend their non-metallic mining permit hours from 7 a.m.-3 p.m. to 6 a.m.-6 p.m. for 30 days.

• The Board also approved the new bond schedule addition regarding sale to underage person-business and/or server. A first violation will be a $392 fine, second violation is 30 days in jail, third violation would be a $991 fine and 30 days in jail.

• The Village of Somerset meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall. The public is welcome to attend.