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Neenah woman said voices told her to sacrifice her child

In Neenah, a mother said she was reading the Bible at home when voices told her to sacrifice her 2-year-old son.

After she suffocated him she went outside and smoked two cigarettes before she went back in and told a relative what happened.

The woman is now in custody but she has not been charged yet.

She works for Winnebago County. Officials say it would be a conflict of interest if the local district attorney's office prosecuted her.

They arranged to have the Milwaukee County DA serve as a special prosecutor. That office is still waiting for Neenah Police reports on the incident.

The coroner's office said Tuesday the 2-year-old boy was murdered, but they did not say how.

According to the search warrant filed in court, police found the boy in an upstairs bedroom at the woman's home and he died later at a hospital.

The woman also told officers she was scarred recently when she tried to kill herself, and she was on prescription drugs.

She also has an 8-year-old daughter, who's staying with other relatives.