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Advisory panel wants carnival rides inspected before operation

A state advisory council says the government should inspect new permanent carnival rides before they open to the public.

But the group says it's not ready to suggest that the state inspect all rides once-a-year.

Wisconsin's amusement ride code has been under the microscope since last summer when a 16-year-old girl died after falling 50-feet from a giant swing ride in Oshkosh.

Officials said a worker failed to fasten the girl properly.

The incident caused the state to mandate more than one fastener for elevated passengers and that all ride owners have proper insurance.

The state Commerce Department will hold a hearing this summer on the newest proposals so they can take effect in 2009.

Officials say it's a common practice for the state to inspect new rides at permanent facilities before they open.

The Commerce agency added two new ride inspectors this year but bureau director Bob DuPont says they're ready to discuss annual inspections for all rides just yet.

He says they'll wait and see what happens around the state this summer.

Another change would stop letting one operator run two kiddie rides at the same time. Council members called the practice outdated and dangerous.