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New Richmond re-names elementary schools

Both existing elementary schools and the one under construction in New Richmond received new names at the School Board meeting last night.

West Elementary principal Frank Norton presented the Board with the top names selected by the elementary students. The Board then voted for their favorites, which coincidentally were the children's favorites as well.

West Elementary will now be known as Starr Elementary as long as research reinforces this as a proper name for the school. No one is quite sure where the name (if it is a name) Starr came from. West Elementary is located on Starr Avenue.

Norton agreed to research the origins of Starr and report back to the Board. Providing it checks out, that will be the new name for West.

East will be renamed Paperjack Elementary because of the Paperjack Creek which runs near the school (and because the children liked that name best).

The new elementary school will be called Hillside Elementary because it is built on a hill and because, once again, the majority of the kids liked that name best.

The Board agreed it was important to listen to the children's choices after giving them the task to name the schools.

The process has taken quite awhile and the winning names made several "cuts" before becoming finalists.