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Trooper shoots bear along I-94

A Wisconsin State Patrol trooper had to kill a bear along Interstate 94 at around 6 a.m. Thursday.

A State Patrol spokesperson said that the bear was spotted by a motorist at around 5:45 a.m., sitting alongside the westbound lane near the Highway 63 exit by Baldwin.

The trooper was forced to kill the bear which officials said was approximately 300 pounds. The trooper used five 12-gauge shotgun slugs to kill the animal.

The bear had apparently been hit earlier by a vehicle, according to Dave Hausman, conservation warden supervisor with the Baldwin office of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

"The bear appeared to have a broken hind leg," said Hausman.

Hausman noted that bear-car accidents are becoming quite frequent.

"We get these about one a month. It's pretty common anymore," Hausman said.

He added that while deer are more cautious about crossing roadways, bears are not.

"They're not as leary about traffic. Once they get moving they just keep going," Hausman said.

The warden also says that the reason for more bear sightings and crashes in the region is an urban push into once open lands.

"There is more urban development and more traffic in the rural areas, which results in more sightings," Hausman said.