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Motorists on I-94 warned the heat will be on starting Thursday

Motorists on Interstate 94 from Hudson to Eau Claire are being advised by area law enforcement officials that the heat will be on starting Thursday.

Law enforcement agencies in St. Croix, Dunn and Eau Claire counties along with the Wisconsin State Patrol will be participating in a mobilization called Summer Heat which is geared at intensifying traffic enforcement along I-94.

"With saturation patrols for high visibility enforcement on this heavily-traveled highway, we are striving to get drivers on I-94 to comply voluntarily with traffic laws to reduce crashes that cause deaths and serious injuries," says Dennis Hughes, chief of safety programs for the State Patrol Bureau of Transportation Safety.

"However, if voluntary compliance fails, officers who will be patrolling in greater numbers and for longer hours on the I-94 corridor will be prepared to ticket speeders and other violators," he added.

State transportation officials point out that speed-related crashes in Wisconsin kill or injure someone every 51 minutes.

In 2007, there were nearly one-quarter million speeding convictions in Wisconsin, including more than 145,000 for 11 to 19 mph over the posted limit, according to Wisconsin Department of Transportation statistics.