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The Space welcomes Cities 97 performer May 30

Early in Paul Christian's career, he was offered the chance to sell his music from his Americana release "Never Been Lonely" to a national producer, but declined as he wanted to keep the rights to his music.

Then Christian garnered some more national attention when the industry magazine, "New Music Weekly," approached Paul after hearing his song "The Fool" to promote his music nationally. Still a bit skeptical, Paul graciously thanked them, but declined.

Christian is originally from the "flyover" state, he jokes, of Minnesota. Even though, he boasts he's met more celebrities in and around his hometown than anywhere else in the country. Having played hundreds of shows across the country, Paul's current plans have become quite varied.

More TV and radio spots are in the works and radio stations such as Cities 97 are continually discovering Paul Christian's music and adding his work to their playlists.

Christian's debut album "Never Been Lonely" received some international praise when Americana UK wrote, "... sounds great. I don't think Paul Christian will ever escape the Chris Isaak comparisons completely because they both have fabulous voices but as Paul steps away from the similar songwriting style his voice will undoubtedly become recognized as his own and appreciated for the marvellous instrument it is."

Paul's second album "Summertime" is being recorded now.

It's quite different than the first as it's not Americana.

The performance is at 8 p.m. May 30. Cost is $5.

Free downloads are available at

For more information, contact The Space at 715-246-3180.