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Tourism down at Apostle Islands

It's not just the flooding that's done a number on Wisconsin tourism.

The Apostle Islands are at least 250 miles north of the flooded-out territory and their business is down 10 percent so far this summer.

Bob Krumenaker, who runs the National Lakeshore near Bayfield, is not sure if it's weather or the economy or the $4 gas that's keeping some folks away.

The Apostles normally attract 80,000 visitors a year.

Meanwhile, the head of Apostle Islands' cruise service wants a smaller boat.

Dave Strzok runs the 80-passenger Island Princess. It's only averaging 17 riders at the moment and with fuel at $4.26 a gallon, he says it's tough to make ends meet.

Strzok is thinking about downsizing to a 15-passenger cruiser.