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I-94 re-opens in southern Wisconsin

The 28-mile portion of I-94 near Johnson Creek that has been closed since last week will be reopened by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) today at 2:15 p.m.

"Reopening traffic along this route is critical for Wisconsin's economy, and I want to thank all those who helped get this done quickly," Governor Jim Doyle said. "We are committed to rebuilding from these record-setting floods and assisting communities across the state that have been hit hard."

The reopening is made possible by the construction of crossovers near the Rock and Crawfish Rivers, allowing for one lane of westbound traffic and one lane of eastbound traffic along a five-mile stretch of freeway between Johnson Creek and Lake Mills. The bi-directional traffic lanes will be separated by median wands.

The crossover provision will provide a more direct alternative than the current detour down I-43 to Beloit and back north to Madison using I90/39.

Speeds will be reduced to 55 mph throughout the corridor, with further reductions to 45 mph at the crossovers. Enhanced enforcement by the Wisconsin State Patrol will be in place to ensure compliance.

Motorists traveling along the corridor should slow down, pay attention and expect traffic delays during peak travel periods.

WisDOT expects the crossovers to be in use until flood waters recede and the westbound bridges are deemed safe for travel.