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No more excuses

Tera Busker knows there are lots of reasons not to exercise.

Her new business Fitness-To-Go is getting rid of all of them.

Fitness-To-Go is a one-on-one personal training company. Clients can either train at her home studio or she will bring equipment to them at their home or office.

As a certified professional trainer of eight years Busker said she "loves to exercise."

However, she knows not everyone has that mentality.

Busker said many people are afraid to work out in a gym whether its because of self confidence issues, lack of equipment understanding or other struggles.

Currently Busker has about 15 clients. Most of the people she works with are those with very little free time, like business owners and single parents.

She said clients range from very beginning exerciser to elite athletes training for events like marathons.

As for what she and her clients work on, Busker said, is really up to the client. The only requirement she has for them is a clear area about eight feet by six feet to work in.

Some people she works with already have their own exercise equipment but aren't sure how to use it. Busker shows them how the equipment works and set up a program especially for it.

Other clients simply need help with motivation. Her presence forces the clients to get to work, she said.

Busker said she also helps people get over their "I can't" mind set toward exercise.

She said she has a boot camp-like routine that she gets some clients to do. At the end of it, they are excited about their accomplishments and their negative thoughts are gone.

Busker said the mentality changes she sees in her clients are the best part of her job.

"I like seeing a client with no confidence in what they're doing attain their goals, get in shape and feel comfortable with what they're doing," she said.

Fitness-To-Go covers the St. Croix Valley area, and doesn't charge for mileage.

In the future, Busker hopes to have around 40 clients.

More information about prices and services can be found on the Fitness-To-Go Web site at or by calling 715-760-0883.