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Doyle camp says no to donating campaign cash to flood victims

Gov. Jim Doyle's campaign will keep the money it raised last week at its annual golf outing for donors.

Republicans said Doyle should give the cash to flood victims and they scolded the second-term Democrat for making an appearance at the University Ridge golf course in Verona on June 10 when much of southern Wisconsin was under-water.

The golf outing is Doyle's biggest annual fund-raiser.

Mike Edmonson, Doyle's campaign finance director, did not say how much was brought in, but we'll find out next month, when state candidates file their next financial reports.

About 150 people attended the golf outing, with a suggested gift of $1,250-dollars. If everybody gave that, the total would be $187,000.

Edmondson said the governor spent most of that day on state business. Doyle kicked off the event, then returned in the evening.

Lee Sensenbrenner, Doyle's spokesman, says it's a cheap shot for Republicans to suggest Doyle was out of line by attending his own fundraiser.

Reince Priebus, Wisconsin GOP chairman, said thousands of people cleaned up damage, while their governor raised thousands golfing.