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Somerset Board of Trustees: June 6, 2008

Special Meeting of the Village of Somerset

board of trustees

June 6, 2008

Somerset Village Hall, 110 Spring Street, Somerset, WI 54025

Special meeting called to order at 7:00 pm. Present: Jeffrey Johnson, Ryan Sicard, Bartt Palmer, Greg Sayers, Bob Campbell, Ron Hill and Gerald Mullenberg.

Public Comment: Craig Peterson represented Mary Wallace and Mark Vanasse on reasons to not amend the Float-rite liquor license. The following is a list: due process, Village ordinance 7-2-10 C requires a separate license for each stand, place, there is no language to change the license, no case law that allows for this expansion, Wis. Statutes do not allow for this expansion, the Attorney General's opinion is from 1948 and related to a resort that had property on two sides of the road, this application is different with a campground, concert grounds and a bar/liquor store, it's not consistent with the current license, a "Class B" license holder cannot sell more the 4 liters of liquor at one time, and Float-rite is not leasing the property but rather John Montpetit. David Careful concern is whether this is good for the village. He presented two scenarios one would have the Liquor Depot lease out a restaurant so they could have a license, the second scenario would allow Sportsman's to lease Holiday Gas Station so they could have a license. He questioned if this is truly good for the village. Mark Vanasse, Countryside Apartments stated that there is already a license issue to the concert site and this is an additional license.

Conditional Use Permit - 520 Main Street: Recommend by Plan Commission Johnson reviewed. Motion by Johnson, seconded by Mullenberg to approve the conditional use permit for 520 Main Street to allow for a Bar/Liquor Store with the conditions as set by the Plan Commission. Motion carried.

Request to amend the 2007-08 license premise for Float-rite to include 520 Main Street - Johnson discussed the application submitted and stated that this application is different than the scenarios presented because currently Float-rites license is only used seasonally. He also stated that we are not creating a new license. Motion by Johnson, second by Mullenberg amend the 2007-08 Float-rite "Class B" liquor and Class "B" beer license to include the building at 520 Main Street and 715 Spring Street. All members voted yes and motion carried.

2007-08 Beer Garden Permit for Float-rite for Concert site: Motion by Mullenberg, second by Sayers to approve the 2007-08 Beer Garden Permit for the concert site as presented on the map. Motion carried.

Interim Conditional Use Permit Amendment - Request to allow for a beer garden on concert site: Beer Garden controlled area no alcohol can be carried, hours of operation would be 10:00 am to 12:00 am on concert events only. Motion by Johnson, second by Hill add to the interim conditional use permit a provision to allow for two areas for a Beer Garden where the alcohol is to be controlled with no one entering or exiting with alcohol beverages, the hours to be 10:00 am to 12:00 am on concert events only. Motion carried.

2008-09 Class "B" Beer and "Class B" Liquor License Renewal: Motion by Johnson, second by Mullenberg to approve the Class "B" Beer and "Class B" Liquor license for Float-rite Park with the new areas included. All members voted yes and motion carried.

Ordinance 7-2-10 Separate License for Each room: Tom Schumacker, Village Attorney, discussed the ordinance which is compliant with the state statutes and stated that this relates to other business within the same building.

Adjourn: Motion by Sicard, second by Sayers to adjourn and motion carried. Adjournment 7:32.