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Eagle Scout candidate plans extreme sign makeover

The entrances to Roberts might be looking a little bit different by the end of the summer if Andrew Lathe has anything to do with it.

The St. Croix Central junior from Hammond plans to remake the welcome signs for his service project to become an Eagle Scout.

He's on his way after attaining approval from the Village Board at their last meeting.

Board President Erik Fisher said Lathe will be replacing two of the signs. The one on the north end of town was damaged and the Village had planned to replace it soon anyway. The other sign is in need of a makeover.

Fisher said he's pleased that Lathe had undertaken this task.

"The signs are in need of updating. Also it's a good thing the community can do for the Scouts," he said.

Lathe said he wanted to change the signs because it sounded challenging but not too expensive.

Also, he added, "it helps out the community."

In remaking the signs, Lathe plans to use new boards with new writing but will keep much of the same information on them, including that Roberts is home the 1985 State Football Champs.

Some changes he's considering are including some of the Village's businesses on the poles, like the 4H logo is currently.

Lathe figures re-doing the sign on the north side will cost around $300. The second one would only cost about $75 because he'll already have the materials and he'll reuse the existing poles.

To fund the project, Lathe is looking for donations from the community. People interested in donating can call Lathe at 796-2497 or the Village Hall at 749-3126.

Lathe wants to start the signs soon and plans to have them done by the end of the summer.

Fisher, who is also the Assistant Scout Master to Lathe's troop, isn't worried about Lathe getting the project done -- he knows it will be finished.

He said, "Andrew is a young man who puts himself forward in everything he does. He'll do a wonderful job."