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Autistic man who went missing near Grantsburg released from hospital

The autistic man who survived for a week in the deep woods of northwest Wisconsin is back home.

Keith Kennedy, 25, has been released from a Minneapolis hospital and his family says he has returned to his group home in Shoreview, Minn.

Kennedy disappeared June 15 from the Trade Lake Camp near Grantsburg, apparently because he didn't want to get scolded for taking an extra night-time snack.

He was found a week later in a remote area. His body temperature was in the 80's at the time.

Authorities figured that Kennedy bedded down in the woods for at least a couple days and lived on vegetation and lake water.

We'll never know for sure, because he can only say four words due to his autism.

Kennedy survived the full week without the anti-rejection medicine he was taking after a kidney transplant 13 years ago.

His family says he has steadily improved and he's now walking and eating without help.