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Man who left toddler outside Houlton strip club pleads innocent

A man has pleaded innocent to leaving his toddler in a cold car for three hours while he drank in a northwest Wisconsin strip club.

According to prosecutors, 45-year-old David Mantor, Maplewood, Minn., told his wife that he and his 18-month-old boy were going to get some milk on Jan. 10, but instead, he apparently drove to the Cajun Club in Houlton and enjoyed adult entertainment.

He was arrested at the club after somebody heard his child crying in the parking lot on a 20-degree night. The boy was treated for frostbite and exposure.

Also, his wife called police after he failed to return home.

Mantor is charged in St Croix County with felony reckless endangerment of a child, and misdemeanor child neglect.

He told a judge he's moving his family to Texas. He'll be allowed to appear via telephone for his pre-trial hearing on Aug. 6, but the judge said he must return to Hudson for court appearances after that.