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Bog Creek Band returns to Hillside

The Heritage Hillside Series continues on Wednesday, July 16, with the Bog Creek Band, a group of four talented musicians that are well known in the area.

The band performs Irish, bluegrass, old time, old west traditional music and gospel. They have appeared over the last five years at picnics, Park Art Fair, The Bean Bag and other coffee houses, family reunions, weddings, parties, old west events, animal shelters, festivals, fairs, parks and parking lots.

To quote one of the members "You name it, we can go play it. Our imaginations have no boundaries, but then neither does our common sense."

Each of the members plays more than one instrument.

Dawn plays guitar, Irish whistle, harmonica, sax, sings vocals and is a song writer.

"Banjo Bob" plays banjo, guitar and mandolin, sings vocals and writes songs.

Sue plays mandolin, banjo, fiddle, guitar, bouzouki, bodhran, sings vocals, is a song contributor and sound designer.

Jeff has played bass guitar, guitar, keyboard bass, backup vocals, song contributor and sound technician. Both Jeff and Sue are also in charge of smart aleck remarks.

Check out their Web site at to learn more about the group. They will keep you dancing and singing along. The kids will especially enjoy participating in many of their songs. The band is currently in the process of writing, recording and producing an original CD to be released soon.

This evening's performance is sponsored by Anchor Bank.

It begins at 6:30 p.m. Pack up a picnic supper, bring a picnic blanket or lawn chairs and make yourself comfortable by the bandstand. One of the historic buildings will be open, pop and popcorn will be available for sale and the Farmer's Market vendors have been invited to come and sell their produce.

This is a rain or shine event. In case of inclement weather the music will move inside where space will be somewhat limited.

For more information, call the Heritage Center at 246-3276.