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Woll moves on to Menomonie

St. Croix Central's almost former superintendent Dan Woll has been offered a position in the School District of the Menomonie Area as interim superintendent.

Hiring is not official yet. Woll needs approval from the SCC School Board to leave his contract early, his last day is currently set for Aug. 20. The next Board meeting is scheduled for July 21.

Board President Howard Kruschke said he expects Woll's request will be approved. He had already asked for an early release at last month's meeting.

Woll was superintendent at SCC for the past 21 years. In October 2006, Woll announced his resignation to take place that same month. The Board then placed High School Principal Glenn Webb as interim superintendent but accepted Woll's request to hold off looking for a replacement until after Thanksgiving. In November 2006, Woll was reinstated as superintendent on this current terminal contract set to end next month.

Woll said he didn't intend to find another job as superintendent. He said Beaver Dam School District called him to interview for their open superintendent position. After talking to them, he said he was interested in staying involved in education.

"I found myself getting excited," he said.

Woll said he didn't want to ask for another do over at SCC again, especially since they had David Bradley ready to go.

"I had to go somewhere," Woll said.

He said the position in Menomonie came up. "I really like Central, but I guess I like a challenge," he said. "I would like to give it (Menomonie) a shot."

He said SCMA has its own difficulties. Where SCC was concerned with increasing enrollment, this new district's enrollment is on a slide. Additionally, he said there are more students there than at SCC.

Kruschke said Woll was a good choice for SCMA. "With the issues facing the Menomonie Area Schools, I feel Dan will be a good fit to address these issues and prioritize items to be addressed first," he said.

Woll said the proposed contract in Menomonie would be for a year-long interim position but if things work out he would be interested in staying in the district. He added that he doesn't want to stay any place where he can't make a difference.

His experiences at SCC will be a benefit to Menomonie, Woll said. If nothing else, he said he'll be able to help them hire a good superintendent as he did for SCC in hiring David Bradley.

Woll said being superintendent is a given for him.

He said, "Dancers dance, singers sing, I'm a superintendent."