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Fouks develops St. Croix County 4-H Web site

One of the biggest advancements in communication in St. Croix County 4-H is a county 4-H Web site that has been developed by Jason Fouks.

The Web site is at: and it is becoming a handy tool for leaders and 4-Hers in the county. Leading into this week's St. Croix County Fair, this has been important in keeping everyone updated on any late-breaking information pertaining to the fair.

That was Fouks' goal when he developed the Web site. Fouks was a 12-year member of the Forest Timberwolves and he is now a project leader in the St. Croix County meat animal project.

Fouks initially got involved in the county Web site when he helped former St. Croix County Extension agent Kim Reaman with the county Extension Web site. He was learning web applications at the time, so he decided to buy the domain and start a County 4-H site. His first attempt only contained static information. The Web site is now on its third application, becoming a user friendly, interactive site.

With the county site, all articles from the county 4-H newsletter appear on the Web pages. The site has areas for leader resources, information on each 4-H club in the county, downloadable forms, a page on the county fair, plus numerous updates from events all around the county.

Fouks said he is looking for a group of kids or adults who want to manage the Web site. 4-H does offer a technology project.

Fouks is a graduate of the WITC-New Richmond computer program and works in computer operations and networking. He has a side business of developing Web sites.

At the county fair, Fouks will be busy handling the information dealing with the meat animal project. He has a camper that will be his communication center. His parents worked with the meat animal auction at the fair. He saw them year after year handling all the paperwork involved in the project. That's what spurred him on to develop a database for it, which has been an immense time saver.

Fouks has goals for the County Web site to become a hub for all the 4-H activities. He'd like to see every exhibitor be able to log in and register their projects, which would give fair organizers much more of a chance to plan ahead for events.