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Lake Delton business owners struggling

Business owners on muddy Lake Delton cannot wait for the summer to be over.

Dawn Baker, who co-owns the Sunset Bay Resort, still pleads with folks not to cancel their reservations.

She said the mud-filled remains of Lake Delton are not bad, just different.

But her revenues are down 60 percent this summer, as Baker blames worldwide news coverage of the lake being flushed the down the Wisconsin River on June 9.

Heavy rains caused a breach in the lake and the buckling of nearby County Trunk A. Officials say both will be fixed by next summer.

Bill Stecky says it won't help him. He had to refinance his bait shop to keep it in business and he fears it will take years for the fish to return to Lake Delton.

The Tommy Bartlett Show continues with its stage and sky elements, minus its world-famous water skiers. But it only gets just a few hundred people per performance.

Last month, Gov. Jim Doyle freed up a quarter-million dollars to help tourist businesses cope with the flooding and the state has an ad campaign in Chicago and the Twin Cities to convince folks that Wisconsin is not under water.