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County seeks input on recycling changes

St. Croix County is holding a public information meeting to review a draft of the county's recycling ordinance amendments on Thursday, July 31, at 7 p.m., in the Community Room at the St. Croix County Government Center, 1101 Carmichael Road, Hudson.

The St. Croix County recycling ordinance was initially adopted in 1994 and is required as part of an effective recycling program by state statutes. Since its adoption, there have been many changes in Wisconsin policies and regulations and in the recycling and waste management industry. These changes necessitated a comprehensive look at the overall ordinance to bring it in line with the state's requirements and current trends.

David Fodroczi, planning and zoning director, is eager to see these amendments adopted.

"St. Croix County has a great recycling program and offers many services to its residents," Fodroczi said. "These amendments will bring the ordinance in line with the services we offer and be more supportive of recycling in this county."

This meeting is the third in a series of public meetings held to identify and discuss recycling needs and concerns in St. Croix County.

During the first meeting, held in January, the Planning & Zoning Committee invited municipalities to share their ideas and concerns and help identify changes in the recycling program that would assist them at the local level.

In March, the committee invited municipalities, citizens, waste haulers and fire officials to gain their insight on local waste issues. Input from those meetings was gathered and resulted in the development of amendments to the current recycling ordinance.

The meeting on July 31 is the first public review of the newly drafted language and the committee encourages all interested parties to participate in the review of the draft. After this meeting the committee will decide if additional public meetings are needed or if they can initiate the official public hearing process with a goal of adopting the revised ordinance by the end of the year.

The draft ordinance and the timeline are available on the St. Croix County internet site, or at the Planning and Zoning Office, 1101 Carmichael Road, Hudson.

For more information about the ordinance revisions and amendments, contact Jennifer Havens at 715-386-4675.