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Bridge Church completes mission trip '08: Somerset

Fuel prices weren't a factor in planning the Bridge Bible Church's mission trip this summer.

After all, Somerset is not that big.

The members of the Bridge took their first mission trip and it was in their own backyard. From July 9-13, they completed community service projects around Somerset and prepared for weekend activities.

"We're treating it seriously, just like a trip to Africa," Brian Williamson, Lead Pastor, explained. "People are taking time off work; some will be camping out at members' homes-about thirty people have signed up."

According to Williamson, Bruce Fogelberg, one of the Bridge's members, has been heading up the mission trip planning committee for the past six months.

"He was in charge of getting the playground purchased for Grace Place in Somerset," Williamson said. "One of our projects this week will be to landscape it."

In addition, the group has scheduled activities for Friday-Sunday to involve the community.

On July 11, the Bridge hosted a free Parents' Day Out at the Somerset High School. From 6-9 p.m., over 20 church volunteers helped guide children of all ages in carnival games, snacks and story time.

On Saturday, July 12, the Bridge provided food for a picnic in Veteran's Park at 4:30 p.m. Everyone was welcome to attend.

On Sunday, July 13, they had a "tailgate service" at the Somerset High School.

"We'll had a baptism and just hung out and get to know people," Williamson said.

Although the mission members had some plans, Williamson said they are still open to new community service projects.

"If anyone has any needs, please let us know."