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Cornerstone hosts Teen Challenge

The Milwaukee Teen Challenge Center will be in New Richmond on Sunday, July 27, at Cornerstone Assembly of God for the 10:15 a.m. service.

Cornerstone is located at 1350 Heritage Drive, one block east of Knowles Avenue at the corner of Heritage and Meridian.

During this service the Teen Challenge choir will sing and share the changes that are happening in their lives. All are welcome to attend.

In 1958, Rev. David Wilkerson started Teen Challenge in Brooklyn, N.Y. Teen Challenge recently celebrated "50 years of Miracles" with a special 50th Anniversary Celebration held June 25-27, 2008, in the place where it all began, New York City.

Wilkerson was a young country preacher pastoring a church in eastern Pennsylvania. One February afternoon, Wilkerson read an article in "LIFE" magazine about seven teenage gang members who were on trial for murder.

During a gang fight in Manhattan, these teens beat a young man to death. Troubled by what he read in the article and sensing God wanted him to do something for the teens, Wilkerson made a trip from his hometown in Philipsburg, Penn. to the urban area of New York City.

Although Wilkerson never got to meet those seven young men, he was forever impacted by the hopelessness, despair and destruction of the young people on the streets of New York. He saw thousands of young people addicted to drugs, killing and dying without knowing Jesus.

Rev. Wilkerson later resigned from his church in Pennsylvania and moved to the New York City area to work full time with teenage gang members.

During these early years, a large home was obtained on Clinton Avenue in Brooklyn. A year-long residential discipleship program was started in this facility. Today, this Teen Challenge program continues to impact people in making positive changes in their lives. Due to its success, residential Teen Challenge centers began cropping up in cities all across America.

The amazing development of Teen Challenge has been chronicled in: "The Cross and the Switchblade," "Run Baby Run" and "The Cross is Still Mightier than the Switchblade."

Now, 50 years later, Teen Challenge has expanded its ministries across the United States and around the world.

Teen Challenge International says it's effective because of something (or someone) we call "the Jesus Factor." When a person finds a relationship with God everything changes. New priorities, attitudes, reactions, plans and goals in life all add up to real change. New-found life in Christ and learning biblical principles for daily living replace the old lifestyle and the attitudes and behaviors underlying them.

For more information on Sunday's serve, call 246-2284 or e-mail