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Liberal groups getting record numbers to register to vote in state

Record numbers of Wisconsinites are registering to vote spurred mainly by Democrat Barack Obama and the liberal groups who support him.

About 135,000 people have registered for the first time this year, and another 169,000 updated their registrations with new names or addresses.

All told, Wisconsin now has over 3.4 million people signed up to vote this fall. Nat Robinson of the Government Accountability Board says the numbers are higher than ever by all accounts.

But he could not compare them to the past because the statewide computerized voter list did not go into place until 2006.

Kathleen Dolan of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee says the new voters could potentially benefit Obama. But she says the Illinois senator is taking a chance because his so-called rock-star glamour will have to keep shining all the way until November, and he'll have to keep young voters interested until then.

State Republican Party director Mark Jefferson says John McCain's camp is more interested in identifying existing supporters, and making sure they vote on Election Day.