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Somerset School District: June 16, 2008

regular meeting of the board of education

school district of somerset

June 16, 2008

Board President Tim Witzmann called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Roll Call was taken. Present were: Tim Witzmann, Marie Colbeth, Sharon Germain, Mike Connor, Brian Moulton, Robert Gunther, and Catherine Cranston. Others present: Randy Rosburg.

Cranston moved, with second by Moulton, to approve the agenda with the exception of item VI (J) Food Service Bid which should be removed from the agenda. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Germain, with second by Colbeth, to move to Executive Session in accordance with Wis. Statute 19.85 (1)(c) for the purpose of discussing employment, compensation, or performance of specific persons. Upon roll call, all members voted in favor of the motion and the meeting went into closed session.

Germain moved, with second by Colbeth to reconvene in Open Session at 6:55 p.m. Motion passed and Regular Session reconvened.

President Witzmann opened the floor for groups or individuals wishing to be heard. No one came forward.

Rosburg introduced Girls' Track Coach David Praschak, congratulating him and his team on their recent success at state. Praschak said the Somerset girls' track team was the largest group of girls in track in at least ten years, with 34 student athletes on the roster; this larger group enabled them to compete at six track meets. Praschak named the seven state participants including Kaitlyn Beauvais, Christina Flandrick, Gina Hanzlik, Megan Plourde, Alicia Potting, Kellie Ring, and Lauren Westerdahl. Those participants who were present introduced their parents. Cranston presented the students with an award of excellence, and thanked them for their outstanding efforts.

Rosburg then introduced the Boys Track Coach, Erik Olson. Olson stated the boys did very well, with a goal to steadily improve during the year. Olson summarized how well the student athletes did during the track meets, and then introduced the state participants including Evan Kowalski, Jeremiah Martell, Anthony Martin, Michael Meyer, John Neuman, Dylan Rivard, Joshua Torrey, Justin Trautmiller, Phillip Vanasse, and Eric Walczak. Students introduced their parents, and were presented with an award of excellence from Moulton, who thanked them for their great accomplishment.

Rosburg introduced Gifted and Talented instructor Rosanne Erickson. Erickson introduced the three students including Natalie Van Dam, Malia Triebold, and Carrie Kulibert from the 6th grade team that competed in the State Music Listening Contest. Erickson stated the students competed incredibly well, especially as the music listening contest was college level. Erickson gave a recap of what the students needed to accomplish during the competition, including learning about composers, music style, form, and instruments to be able to compete at that level. Board member Colbeth presented certificates to the students, thanking them for representing the district so well.

Witzmann thanked the students, parents and coaches for their commitment and commented that the strength of these programs bring more students into the programs.

Meeting was then recessed at 7:20 p.m.; meeting reconvened at 7:34 p.m.

Cranston moved, with second by Moulton, to approve the consent agenda.

Approval of Minutes of the Regular Session of May 19, 2008 of the School Board

Approval of Minutes of Special Session of May 5, 2008 of the School Board

Approve payment of May/June Board Bills

Approve contract renewal with OSI

Approve amendment to Health Reimbursement Account

Approve New Richmond News as Official Newspaper

Approve Anchor Bank as Official Bank

Approve 2008-2009 Coaching and Advising Positions

Approve 2008-2009 Coaching and Advising Assignments

Approve hiring of High School Guidance Counselor Jennifer Evenson for the 2008-09 school year

Approve transfer of Kristi Witzel to Special Education Bus Aide for the 2008-09 school year

Approve transfer of Michele Hoffbeck to the ES Secretary Position for the 2008-09 school year

Approve hiring of ES Instructional Media Specialist Charlene Schwartz for the 2008-2009 school year

Motion passed unanimously.

Board liaison information from the recent Governance Committee meeting was reviewed. Germain stated the committee discussed the role of a board liaison for each of the schools and felt that, rather than create a policy for that role, the document should become a guideline. She asked board members to include any additions or contact committee members if they feel the document should be made into a board policy. Witzmann asked that members call him to let him know what building they are interested in, stating he will call on members to make assignments if he doesn't hear from anyone. One board liaison per school would be assigned, unless two members have an interest in a particular school. Cranston stated community members enjoyed seeing board members at parent/teacher conferences during the referendum, noting that board liaisons in the school district where she works attend a PTO meeting once a year. Members agreed that planning ahead to communicate a scheduled meeting would be helpful. Witzmann said he would like to have assignments in place by the August board meeting.

The board then reviewed the "Locker Room Policy JFGA-A," draft as a first reading and citation. Germain stated the committee would like to recommend approval of the policy, which is coming to school districts as a recommendation from the Department of Public Instruction. Germain noted that the policy is very restrictive in not allowing camera phones or video devices in locker rooms. If approved, the policy will be posted by all locker rooms in all district buildings. Asked if the policy means recording devices cannot be located in locker rooms, Germain clarified that the devices cannot be used for recording in locker rooms.

Superintendent Rosburg discussed current enrollment figures, stating that it is unknown yet what new enrollment numbers will be. Witzmann asked if the district's enrollment typically grows from the fall through January. Rosburg said past years growth has typically occurred during those months with the exception of the past school year. Members stated they would like to view the full year's enrollment from 2007-2008 at the next board meeting.

Rosburg noted the tentatively scheduled Teaching and Learning Committee meeting for Monday, July 7, 2008, stating other committee meetings may be added to this date as needed.

Rosburg then reviewed the monetary award from the Governor's Health Award given to Somerset High School for its recent health award from the state. He said high school health care provider Patty Schachtner and district school lunch nutritionist Deb Revalee will help determine how the dollars will be used.

Board member Cranston updated members on a recent CESA Annual Meeting she attended June 2, stating that new board of control members were elected at the meeting. She said all school district clusters were in attendance, and noted the cluster, which includes a representative from the Somerset School District, will not be up for election again for three years, at which time the Somerset district will have the option to send a representative for election. Cranston stated New Richmond School District would step in if Somerset did not send a representative for election. She said elections are held the first Monday in June, and monthly meetings are held thereafter on the second Thursday of each month. Witzmann thanked Cranston for representing Somerset.

Elementary School Principal Cherrie Wood was unable to be in attendance, however, the building report indicated several items including the elementary school finishing the year strong with numerous classroom activities and a great "Sports Day," preparations for the 2008-09 school year include staff postings, Responsive Classroom and SmartBoard training sessions, a sand pit to be built in the playground area, an Astro Compass mural, which will be painted on the playground with which teachers will use as part of their astronomy instruction next year, and adjustments to pick up and drop off procedures to accommodate traffic flow.

Rosburg reviewed the Business Services' Cash Flow report, indicating what dollars were available for the previous month. He said he spoke with the Business Manager with regard to the state payment not coming to districts until later in July, and felt that the district will be in good standing and will not have to short-term borrow before the arrival of state dollars.

Director of Curriculum & Instruction Ron Berg was unable to attend, however, Rosburg summarized a brief report of happenings in the curriculum and instruction area.

High School Principal Shawn Madden was unable to attend the tonight's meeting, however, Rosburg reported that student Johanna Smith, who will be a Junior next school year, was recently selected by her peers to represent them at board of education meetings for the 2008-09 school year. Rosburg said she will be a wonderful addition to the board meetings.

Middle School Principal Rick Lange provided a building update, stating the middle school had a successful close to the 2007-08 school year. He said five high school students from the Advanced Speech class received an assignment from their speech teacher to put together a presentation. The students presented a skit to 8th graders on surviving high school as ninth graders. Lange stated the skit was very well received by the 8th grade student body. He went on to note summer school at the middle school is in full swing from 8:00 a.m. through Noon each day. Lange then stated work on the middle school building's ventilation system will begin shortly. He noted the wooden mezzanine above the middle school weight room had been cleared out and removed to accommodate fire walls to separate surrounding classrooms from the shop classroom area. Lange stated that a World Day Celebration was held on May 29th and was an outstanding success. The celebration was a culmination of thematic units which students had been working on throughout the year. He said students took turns visiting all the various stations, and that quite a few parents and community members joined the students that day as well. He thanked the American Heart Association folks for awarding the middle school with new equipment for the weight room.

Pupil Services Director Darren Kern was unable to attend tonight's meeting. Rosburg stated he will forward Kern's ELL, GT, & Special Education updates to the board.

Committee then discussed approving a resolution to establish a Fund 73 Trust for Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB). Rosburg said the district has been working with a legal firm with regard to OPEB, stating part of the OPEB plan is to establish a trust, and each year allocate a certain dollar amount into the funds to better manage the trust. Topic has been before the Business Services Committee several times. Germain moved, with second by Colbeth, to approve a resolution to establish a Fund 73 Trust for OPEB. Motion carried unanimously.

Members reviewed the report on 2007-2008 Budget Transfers. Rosburg said figures on the expenditure and revenue reports are actual transferring numbers which will need to be board approved, which will then allow the district to move forward and in preparation for the upcoming 2008 audit. Rosburg stated $100,000 was put into the OPEB fund area, with capital maintenance funds included to help cover costs of the middle school rooftop project. Rosburg also noted that the special education fund category did not zero out because the district did not receive all funds from the state. Colbeth moved, with second by Connor, to approve the 2007-08 Budget transfers. Witzmann noted that the district's finances are doing well and that it is in a good position to start the new fiscal year. With no further discussion, the motion carried unanimously.

Colbeth moved, with second by Cranston, to adjourn the meeting at 8:06 p.m. Motion carried.

Tim Witzmann, President

Catherine Cranston, Clerk