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Iowa soldier kills himself in Holmen home

Authorities are working with the military to find out why a National Guardsman from Iowa killed himself at his ex-girlfriend's house in La Crosse County.

Police found the body of Clements, 21, in the basement of the woman's house in Holmen.

There were no signs of forced entry and police said he might have had a key, even though the two had broken up.

Clements had served in Iraq and there was speculation he might have to go back soon.

Police said the woman had just finished work on Friday night when Clements' sister called, and said he failed to report for military drills.

When she got home, she tried to call the soldier.

He was in her basement, and police said he shot himself while the two were on the phone.

He had talked about wanting to get back together.

Authorities said Clements had a gunshot wound to the head.