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Ox Cart Days medallion found

The medallion was found on Thursday evening at Saratoga Park by Derek Gibson. He found it after three clues.

It was located to the west of the new wood walking bridge in a nest on a pole in the creek that runs under the bridge.

Each year the Lions Club hides a medallion for some lucky winner to find during the days leading up to Star Prairie's Ox Cart Days, which is from Aug. 15 to 17 this year.

The medallion is a silver disc with the Lions logo on it. It is always located on public property in the Village of Star Prairie.

Cash prizes are awarded: $200, $150, $125, $100, decreasing if found after each additional clue has been given.

The Lion's Club for many years has not allowed children of Lions members to look for the medallion. It was felt that it could be a potential for a conflict of interest.

This year the Club made the decision to allow their children to participate as well as the rest of the community.

There is only one Lions member who knows the location of the medallion and one who knows the clues. One clue is sent to the News on Friday for publication the following week. The clue is sent to the webmaster for the Lions Ox Cart Days site at noon on Wednesday for publication on the Web site, to coincide with the time the News is available for public purchase.

The Lion's Club does not have a large membership and appreciates everyone who generously donates their time to community activities. It is with this in mind that the organization made the decision to allow the children to participate in the search for the medallion and not force members to choose between their children having the same opportunity as the rest of the public or quitting the Lions Club.

Any one with concerns regarding this decision is welcome to attend and/or join the Lions Club. Lions members are also willing to discuss this with anyone in more detail by calling 715-248-3290.