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Paperjack residents rally to slow speeders

Someone once said, "If you have to protest, tell people what you are for, not what you are against."

The folks on Paperjack Drive took that advice to heart on Saturday, Aug. 9.

Signs were posted along the street that said "25 mph," "Children playing," "Handicapped people use this road too."

"It's a racetrack," Holly Fall, a resident who has lived on Paperjack Drive for 22 years, said. "People are not mildly speeding, they are tearing up the road."

Fall said it was this situation that prompted her to set up the "Slow Down" rally that weekend.

"The police are very supportive; they've already pulled over one speeder this morning," Fall said.

Several other residents sat outside with their lawn chairs and waved as the cars drove by.

"The highest ticketed speed was 55 mph," Dawn Goossens, another Paperjack resident since 1995, said.

Goossens said she had a personal reason for wanting people to slow down.

"My 11-year-old brother was hit by a motorcycle back in 1973," Goossens said.

"We need more signs, need to make people aware of their speed," Fall said.

To demonstrate, Fall was using a toy radar gun from Hot Wheels. She had been aiming it at passing cars to get a reading.

"Twenty-eight," she called out.

They weren't as concerned about that, but they did have several people antagonize them.

"There's a person in a red truck that stopped, then lit up out of here," Fall said. "He's been by here about three times and done that."

"People walk along the street, and we have three people in motorized wheelchairs that use this road - that's the only way they can get around," Goossen said.

"We just need public awareness," Goossen said.