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Father and son from Amery die in Guatemalan air crash

A father and son from Amery were among 10 people killed in the crash of a humanitarian plane in Guatemala Sunday.

According to reports, the crash took the lives of Roger Jensen, 48, and Zachary Jensen. Others who reportedly died were Cody Odekirk, John Carter and Jeff Retter, and Guatemalans Lidia Silva, Javier Rabanales, Walfred Rabanales, and the pilot and copilot Monica Bonilla and Fernando Estrada.

Sarah Jensen,19, Amery, said her father and brother died and that her mother, April, had serious burns and bruises. Sarah herself escaped with minor cuts.

She said the family was headed to a village at El Estor to build houses for a Utah group called CHOICE Humanitarian when their Cessna Caravan 208 crashed about 60 miles east of Guatemala City.

Roger Jensen was the maintenance manager at Smyth Companies in St. Paul, Minn.

Civil Aviation director Jose Carlos said the pilot had engine trouble about 45 miles after his final takeoff, and he tried to make an emergency landing.

The Guatemalan Army provided a list of passengers, but it was garbled. The U.S. Embassy has not supplied further information.

Carlos said five Americans died in the crash, including the two from Amery.

In all, he said eight passengers died along the Guatemalan pilot and co-pilot. The airline said two additional people were on board for a total of 12, but they could not explain the discrepancy.

At least four Americans were injured and taken to hospitals.