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Lakeside tractor collides with train

William R. Wuorenma, Clayton, was driving a tractor across the railroad tracks at Lakeside Foods on Thursday, Aug. 21, when an oncoming train struck the tractor.

Wuorenma was hauling product in a gravity box pulled behind the tractor, which is owned by Lakeside Foods. He was traveling across the railroad tracks toward the plant when a train was spotted 125 yards east of where the tractor was on the tracks.

A supervisor contacted Wuorenma by radio and advised him to back the tractor off the tracks to let the train pass. But the tractor wasn't backed up fast enough to escape damage. Traveling at a speed of 25 m.p.h. the train took the front of the tractor off as it passed.

The train continued another 400 feet before it was able to come to a stop. According to New Richmond Police, the tractor sustained severe damage while the train had only minor damage.

No one was injured in the incident. Wuorenma was issued a citation for operating a vehicle while his license is revoked.