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Drug bust nets 180 pounds of marijuana

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department has released more information on a Tuesday drug bust which was the biggest in the county in 15 years.

According to Sheriff's Department officials, deputies and investigators destroyed what officials termed "a sizeable" marijuana growing operation in the Town of Salem, about eight miles northwest of Plum City.

More than 180 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of over $250,000 was destroyed, according to Sheriff's Department officials.

Sheriff's Department officials said their investigation indicates that at least five suspects were involved in the operation.

Officials said they found several makeshift shelters and temporary living quarters had been constructed on a section of private wooded land without the landowner's knowledge or consent.

The operation consisted of processing, drying and packaging what authorities classified as high-quality, cultivated marijuana.

Authorities report that no suspects have been charged yet, but that the investigation continues and that they are following up on leads that have developed in the case.