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Sign placement must follow department rules

St. Croix County Highway Department works to mirror the guidelines noted for state highways regarding the placement of political signs along highways.

Any signs along roadways, including political/campaign signs, garage sale, for sale, etc. pose potential hazards.

Improperly placed signs can:

• Obstruct a motorist's view.

• Distract a driver's attention.

• Compound damages or injuries in the event of a crash.

• Endanger the safety of individuals who are erecting signs along busy highways.

• Present obstacles to crews who maintain (mow) roadways.

Political/campaign signs, especially larger billboard-type signs, are particularly dangerous when placed in vision areas at intersections. Sec. 86.19, Wis. Statutes does provide for a $10 to $100 fine for signs that violate the law.

Typically, the Highway Department will remove political signs found within State and County highway right of way - especially if the signs pose a safety hazard.

The Department makes reasonable attempts to preserve campaign signs that are taken down and to provide campaign offices with an opportunity to claim the signs.

Please refer to each respective municipality for signs that do not involve state or county right of way.