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Somerset Board of Trustees: Sept. 15, 2008

Regular Meeting of the Village of Somerset

board of trustees

September 15, 2008

Village Hall, 110 Spring Street, Somerset, WI 54025

President Johnson called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall. Present: Jeffrey Johnson, Ryan Sicard, Bob Campbell, Gerald Mullenberg, Bartt Palmer and Greg Sayers. Absent: Ron Hill

Public Comment: No public comment.

Minutes: Motion by Sicard, second by Sayers to approve the minutes of the August 19th and September 10th, 2008 meetings and motion carried.

Committee Reports

PUBLIC WORKS: Project updates: Rob Jones with Cedar Corp. discussed the projects highlighting pond repairs at Village Park will start next week, County C project restoration is underway, and the Waste Water Treatment Plant is on schedule. Aspen/Rivard Street lights: Sicard asked that this be tabled until next month so he can talk to the developer about the plan. Storm Water Pond Village Park: Jones stated that the funds for this would be covered under the contingency portion of the contract for Main Street. River Hills Pond Trail: Sicard discussed the trail and recommended that we amend the developer's agreement to allow the developer to construct the trail and we would give the money back for the project. Sayers stated that the trail would go around a dry pond and those residents in that area would rather see a trail in a different location in the development. Somerset Meadows Trail: Motion by Sicard, second by Mullenberg to approve the bid from A&D paving to construct a trail in Somerset Meadows in the amount of $13,177.00 with funds to come from capital improvements. Motion carried. Generator Installation Bid: Motion by Sicard, second by Sayers to approve the bid for the installation of the generator in the amount of $8,700. Motion carried. River Hills Commons Developers Agreement: The board requested the item go back to the committee for further review.

PUBLIC SAFETY: 2008-09 Operator Licenses: Motion by Sayers, second by Mullenberg to approve the operators' licenses for Veronica Green, Karen Hennessey, and Sophia Landry for the 2008-2009 license year and motion carried.

PLAN COMMISSION: Johnson reported on the September meeting.

FINANCE/PERSONNEL: Johnson discussed the meeting.

New Business

Introduction of Resolution: Motion by Sicard, second by Mullenberg to introduce a resolution to discontinue the abandon alley adjacent to lot 113 through 118 and lot 157 through lot 164 located in the plat of Somerset Meadows second addition, Village of Somerset, St. Croix County. All members voted yes and motion carried.

Closed Session: Motion by Johnson, second by Sayers to convene to closed session as per ss 19.85(1)(e) deliberating on investing Tax Increment Funds. All members voted yes and motion carried. Motion by Johnson, second by Sayers to reconvene to open meeting and motion carried.

October meeting date: The board announced that the October meeting will be on Monday the 20th.

Bills: Motion by Sayers, second by Sicard to approve the water, sewer and village bills in the amount of $224,567.15 and motion carried.

Adjourn: Motion by Sayers, second by Campbell to adjourn and motion carried. Adjournment: 7:45 p.m.

Pamela Donohoe, Clerk