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District survey used to chart opinions on school's future

A survey is expected to be sent to taxpayers in Somerset this week, seeking their input on what direction the School District should head in the future.

The survey will be sent to all 3,800 mailboxes in the School District. As an incentive to complete and return the survey, a completed survey can be used for a free admission to a home Spartan athletic event during October.

The survey will also be available online at the School District Web site, for those who would rather complete the survey electronically.

The Somerset Board of Education wrestled with the phrasing of the questions, trying to present options with each question in the survey. There is also a place for comments with each question.

The survey starts with questions about voters' opinions on the April referendum.

A large section of the survey is devoted to dealing with growth in the District and what voters consider acceptable class sizes at each building level.

The final portion of the survey asks what size future referendum voters would support and whether voters would support the inclusion of an auditorium or swimming pool in a referendum.

District administrator Randy Rosburg said the survey is being done to get the opinion of the taxpayers on what should be done about future growth in the School District. He said this is not just for supporters of the referendum. The School Board wants to get opinions of all taxpayers so they have a true idea of what the community will support in the future.

Compass Awards

At the start of each school year, staff members in each building vote on The Compass Award for their building. The award is given to a person who provides strong leadership and guidance for other staff members. The winners receive a compass and their name is placed on a plaque near the entrance of the School District administrative office.

This year's winners are:

Kathy Murphy at Somerset High School. This is the second time she has received this honor.

Jane Karl at Somerset Middle School.

Nancy Dressel at Somerset Elementary School.

Weight room donation

The Somerset Youth Athletic Association made a $5,000 donation to the School District at the Sept. 15 Board of Education meeting.

The donation was made with the caveat that the money be used to improve the weight lifting equipment in the Middle School weight room. The money comes from the SYAA fishing tournament that was held on Bass Lake in February.