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Miss Wisconsin, hit-and-run victim, needs help paying for repairs

Miss Wisconsin needs help.

Briana Lipor, 22, was the victim of a hit-and-run crash in Racine 10 days ago. Now, she's having trouble paying for her vehicle repairs.

Because of the car damage, she's having a hard time getting to the events she's scheduled to be at. Lipor's car was struck Oct. 11, by a red S-U-V that fled the scene.

She was not seriously hurt, but her vehicle with the license plate "Mis Wis" - had $4,000 in damage. Racine Police are still investigating.

Lipor said people stopped at the crash scene and asked if she was OK. While it's nice to know people care, it was also embarrassing

Lipor is a University of Wisconsin-Parkside student who took a year off of school.

At some point, Miss Wisconsin normally gets to speak to the state Legislature. She plans to ask them to make drivers have mandatory auto insurance.