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LETTER: Democratic changes not what they claim

To the Editor:

The Democrats talk much about change. I hope and pray that voters examine changes they will likely bring if Democrats control the presidency and the Congress. Consider their record.

The 100th Congress tried to pass the "lobbying reform" bill which had a provision that would have gagged grassroots groups by tying them up in miles of red tape. Constituents flooded Congress with their concerns and they weren't able to pass that provision. If grassroots organizations cannot keep the public informed before an election, only the powerful lobbyists will be able to have influence. American voters have a right to receive information from these groups.

Then liberals in Congress tried to pass legislation to make "bias" or "hate" a federal crime. It would allow someone to claim you are prejudiced based on sexual orientation and gender identity (giving them special rights). If a crime is actually committed, we already have laws to prosecute the criminal. Making laws that would give someone power to have a person arrested because they say they know the person hates them goes against everything America stands for. Liberals are determined to make everyone accept the views they have decided are "politically correct." One of America's great freedoms is the freedom to express disagreement without fear of punishment. Since those behind this bill know it would never pass on its own merit, twice they have tacked it onto major defense authorization bills but eventually had to drop it.

This is dangerous legislation. Already a man from Michigan is suing Zondervan Publishing and Thomas Nelson Publishing claiming Biblical references to homosexuality as a sin violates his constitutional rights and have caused him emotional instability. (CitizenLink 4-29-2008) This is an indication of where the homosexual agenda is heading and where such hate crime legislation would take us. I cannot believe America wants this kind of change.

We can also learn a lesson from Canada. The Alberta Human Rights Tribunal ordered Rev. Stephen Boissoin to stop expressing his Biblical perspective of homosexuality and to pay $7,000 in damages of pain and suffering.

Then there is the "Fairness Doctrine" the liberals have tried to reinstate several times. It would require radio and TV stations to offer airtime to opposing political viewpoints and was nixed in 1987 by the FCC. Bill Ruder, an assistant secretary of commerce under President Kennedy, said, "Our massive strategy was to use the Fairness Doctrine to challenge and harass right wing broadcasters and hope the challenges would be so costly to them that they would be inhibited and decide it was too expensive to continue." (Heritage Foundation, 10/1993)

Since liberals are still trying to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine even though they control most of every type of media (if you don't believe it, pay attention. For example, compare Katie Couric's interview with Biden with her interview with Palin), it seems apparent that they still don't want Americans to hear "the rest of the story."

MaryEllen Olson