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LETTER: State budget delay principled, not politics

To the Editor:

While many people have criticized the last state budget process because it was drawn out so long, I disagree with their criticisms.

The difference between the two houses of our State Legislature couldn't have been more dramatic.

The Governor and the Democrat-controlled Senate wanted billions in new taxes. Kitty Rhoades stuck to her guns throughout several months of a budget stalemate because she knew that the residents of our area who would have been paying those increases, couldn't afford to pay them.

In the end, her bargaining prevailed and the bipartisan agreement eliminated or reduced most of the proposed tax hikes.

As a resident, taxpayer and someone who wants our elected officials to stand-up when it's important, I applaud Representative Kitty Rhoades for her stand against the billions in increased taxes and spending in the last state budget.

I want Kitty Rhoades back at the Capitol representing us next session.

Jerry Karras