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LETTER: Tough times require tough leadership

To the Editor:

Over the past 20 years, we have watched and admired Kitty Rhoades for her passion and commitment to the people that she represents in Wisconsin.

We have shared our feelings and ideas with Kitty on many occasions on topics including our children's education, health care coverage concerns and challenges in long term care. She has always been ready to listen; she not only listens but she follows though.

That couldn't be more important than right now. We are watching a potential market meltdown due to the greed and mismanagement on Wall Street and in Washington. No one seems to agree on what/who caused it or how much (if anything) needs to be done.

We need a strong leader who has a proven reputation, the knowledge, the ability and the position to make the best of a bad situation for the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

As co-chairperson of the Joint Finance Committee, Kitty understands that when all those programs are approved at the Capitol, the bill comes due and the taxpayers pay.

These are very difficult times. This is not the time for "on-the-job" training. It appears that we will be paying for a long time for the mistakes made by Wall Street and Washington; we need to keep a strong advocate in Madison.

Please vote for Kitty Rhoades.

Mike and Renee Christensen