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LETTER: Smear campaign makes candidate look desperate

To the Editor:

Sarah Bruch is being unfairly subjected to a big-money smear campaign full of lies, that makes her Republican opponent look downright desperate.

Sarah Bruch is the only candidate running for Wisconsin's 30th Assembly District who has the heart and courage to stand up for working people.

The health care referendum she supports is straightforward, fair and simple, and will appear on your Nov. 4 ballot. It calls for the next state legislature to enact health care legislation guaranteeing "every Wisconsin resident affordable health care coverage with benefits that are substantially similar to those provided to state legislators."

You decide. Do you want to re-elect someone who thinks she deserves better health care than you do, at your expense? Or Sarah Bruch, who thinks health care is a human right guaranteed to all Wisconsin citizens, not just the privileged few?

Wanda Brown

River Falls