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LETTER: Rhoades understands students' concerns

To the Editor:

As a UW-RF student, like all students, we of course have concerns about the present. Do we have tuition and fees covered for this semester? Will we get the financial assistance or grant we applied for?

But as students, we are not only concerned about the present. Many of us will graduate this spring. What will the economy be like when we graduate? Will we find a job? Where will we live? Will we be able to cover basic living expenses?

Elections matter for improving our present and our future. This fall, many students may have their attention only turned to presidential politics, but we also have state elections as well.

In state elections, I will be supporting Kitty Rhoades for State Representative. Kitty Rhoades has demonstrated her concerns for students and for new graduates. In the state budget, Kitty Rhoades worked to put a cap on tuition and fee increases. When it was clear a tuition and fee cap would not be accepted, Kitty Rhoades voted to increase financial aid funding by $26 million. This assistance will help more than 25,000 UW students with the cost of tuition and fees.

When the WI-MN Reciprocity Agreement was in danger of collapsing last year, Kitty Rhoades made sure necessary changes were made so Minnesota would not end its participation in this program. Because of her experience and bipartisan efforts, more than 14,000 students from Minnesota will be able to continue their studies in Wisconsin without paying out-of-state tuition. The same goes for over 12,000 Wisconsin students who are studying in Minnesota.

Kitty Rhoades has demonstrated her concern for students in the present. But let's face it: someday I will be graduating, looking for a job, buying a house and starting a family. We need a state representative who understands these challenges as well. Wisconsin needs job opportunities and great communities to stem the "brain drain" when graduates leave the state. I think Kitty Rhoades is the best candidate for creating jobs and making sure the first hurdles in life can be affordable.

For these reasons, I will be supporting Kitty Rhoades on Nov. 4 in the race for State Assembly. The most important thing for all students (and parents) to remember is: know your choices and get out and vote!

Annaliese Doornink

UW-River Falls Student

River Falls