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LETTER: Bruch offers better plan for health insurance solution

To the Editor:

Last week Suzette Lenzen from River Falls confessed that a comment by Sarah Bruch at the recent Inter-Governmental Forum at UW-River Falls got her "blood boiling."

Unfortunately she called Sarah "uninformed and ignorant" on the topic of Health Savings Accounts because Sarah shared the information that HSA's are tax shelters for the wealthy, not insurance plans.

I would only direct Ms. Lenzen to the many sources available to substantiate Sarah's claim, but particularly to a recent study conducted by the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Its findings demonstrated that the average adjusted gross income of tax filers who made HSA contributions was $139,000 as compared to $57,000 for all other tax filers. The study also found that many HSA participants appeared to be using their accounts as a tax shelter rather than paying for out-of-pocket health care costs.

I have carefully watched Sarah Bruch as she progressed in the campaign for the 30th Assembly District.

Among other things, two things seem very obvious to me - she is not "uninformed and ignorant" on this or other campaign topics, and she does not engage in name-calling. I also know that the 500,000-600,000 uninsured people in Wisconsin and the additional equal number with marginal insurance are a deep concern for her.

While HSA's might work for some, they do not work for most of us. That is why Sarah supports a comprehensive healthcare plan that covers all Wisconsinites and that will provide coverage similar to that which we, at taxpayers expense, now provide for Kitty Rhoades.

Joanie Tool

River Falls

Co-Chair of the

Pierce County

Democratic Party