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LETTER: Candidate Obama anything but a radical

To the Editor:

Recently I read with interest a letter which attempted to portray Sen. Obama as a radical. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Today, the conservative Chicago Tribune endorsed Obama for president -- the first time in the 160-year history of the Tribune that it has endorsed a Democrat for president.

In its lengthy editorial, the Tribune, the largest and most respected newspaper in the Midwest said it "proudly" endorsed Obama.

Rather than being a radical, Obama represents a return to traditional American values and a turn away from the extremism of the past eight years which have led us to the brink of a total economic collapse.

Seriously, is anyone other than the Wall Street crowd better off now than they were eight years ago? We need a calm strong president who keeps his head during challenging times. That is clearly Sen. Obama.

David Olien

Madison, Wis.