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LETTER: Rhoades demonstrates investing in children

To the Editor:

Our future is directly tied to the success of our children and youth.

That is why even during hard times, we as parents, teachers, and members of society, must make investments of time and resources for children. In her capacity as our State Representative, I believe Kitty Rhoades has been an advocate for a strong system of public education.

Since she has been in office, Kitty Rhoades has voted for increased funding to schools in every single state budget. During her service, there has never been a year where the state has not invested additional money in K-12 education than the year before.

Recently in the last state budget, she increased total state aid for education by $524 million over the previous budget. In 2005, Kitty Rhoades increased total state aid by $864 million.

Along with her action to increase resources for schools, Kitty Rhoades has focused on improving the quality of the education our children receive. She voted to create safety grants so parents and students don't have to worry about whether they are safe when they are at school.

She voted to create merit pay grants that would enable teachers to be rewarded for top performance based on academic achievement. She voted to review important programs like SAGE and K-4 to make sure they are adequate and functioning as they should be for our children.

I can tell Kitty Rhoades has carried her experience both as a parent and former high school teacher with her as our representative. She approaches education issues with the good judgment of both.

I will vote for Rhoades on Nov. 4.

Lisa Windloss