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LETTER: Nation needs better than a 'C' student

To the Editor:

This year in Wisconsin, a lot of people will make an election booth decision based on whether they simply like the guy (or woman).

I remember a huge discussion back home in Pennsylvania when Kennedy was running against Nixon. Heaven forbid, we might have a Catholic president!

The voters went to Kennedy and we found out once again that it takes brains to run the country, no matter what your religious or ethnic leanings are.

In more recent years, we have proven that there is indeed a risk in electing a C-student for the top job. Thankfully, John Kennedy thought through the Cuban Missile Crisis. President Clinton proved that when you understand economics, you can engineer a surplus. George H. W Bush carefully prepared for the Gulf War.

Today, we find Senator McCain with the edge on experience in Washington, but he was one of those C-students. He lets others influence him but pretends to still be a maverick. Look at his choice for VP.

I married a terrific woman from New Richmond. She had the brains to be at the top of her class and was very successful in her career. Many women like her are now in the political arena and I'm sure we will have a female president some day soon. It just better not be this character from Alaska.

David Yost

Williams Bay, Wis.