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LETTER: Page supplies real answers to state's problems

To the Editor:

I have read the candidate profiles and I think Alison Page is a candidate with a REAL plan for Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has problems. Property taxes are too high. Our infrastructure, schools, and universities are inadequately funded. Our per capita income lags that in both Minnesota and Illinois by $4,000.

The Republican solution is always the same: lower taxes. It treats the symptom, so the disease never goes away. Blindly capping the amount local governments can tax just forces them to cut spending on the things that actually attract businesses to our state.

According to CEOs of high-growth companies, they look for a high quality of life to ensure their workers will want to stay where the company locates. They list good schools, a clean environment, and quality infrastructure as important to quality of life.

Page's plan goes to the root of the problem. Shift the burden from homeowners to the income tax, make sure big businesses pay their fair share, spend wisely to improve quality of life in our state, and attract better-paying jobs so our per capita income rises. If more people are making more money, our state benefits while taxes stay low.

Nothing's as easy--or has proven as ineffective--as saying "Lower taxes" over and over. Our taxes will always be too high if the money we do spend is used unwisely, without a plan or purpose. Let's elect Alison Page, who has a plan and the experience and competence to implement it.

Maureen Ash

Town of River Falls