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LETTER: Candidate can't have it both ways

To the Editor:

The statements made by Democrat Page in a recent edition of the New Richmond News remind me of the old joke about the Norwegian farmer.

How does one know when he is on the level? Answer: The snoose drips out of both sides of his mouth.

Ms. Page portrays herself as "proactive" and an "indendent thinker," yet the old mantras of the Democrat Party flow from the left side of her mouth. How many times did she use the word "big"?

On the right side of her mouth, she expounds the virtues of "local control." As a past member of a local governing body, she must know first hand that mandates and caps have been hounding smaller governmental units for years.

The issue is not new and generally Republicans have attempted to curb the appetite of "big government." Page's turn to the left is a "direction" as she describes it. I would say that she has subscribed to the philosophy of the left and will go to Madison, not as a "compromiser", (dripping from the center), but as one in lockstep with a political party with which she aligned herself.

An opportunist motivated by a power surge, Ms. Page really does emulate and mimic the snoose filled mouth of that Norwegian.

Mary Louise Olson

River Falls